Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fairmount Park Posts Schedule for Event Closures on River Drives

Fairmount Park has posted the days and times of event closures on MLK Drive, Kelly Drive and Ben Franklin Parkway. 

Starting this Saturday, April 3rd, MLK Drive from Eakins Oval to East Falls Bridge will be closed to motorized traffic on weekend days, with the following conditions:

"In order to further facilitate park access, the lower end of the King Drive, from Eakins Oval to Sweetbriar Cut-Off, will re-open to vehicular traffic each weekend day at 12 noon. Also beginning at 12 noon, the Montgomery Drive entrance to the King Drive will allow non-through traffic at reduced speeds (7 MPH) to access the King Drive parking lots for picnicking and other recreational use." (FP website)


Taggart said...

Is this a change from current weekend closure hours? Are they letting cars in earlier, or in places where they weren't before.

John Boyle said...

No, the rules have not changed.

caduceus said...

I think showcasing the lovely park is a good idea for the city, but feel upset and annoyed that they take over the drive EVERY weekend. Ok, so I'm cranky, but still curious - is there any way to make sure the endless walkathons have better clean up crews? And, for most of them, it seems like they would only need 1/2 of the road, but usually spread out all over the place. Would it be so hard to save half the road for us irritable cyclists? Those walkathons make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I feel they need to be more responsible to the community where the walks are held. Is there any way to advocate for improved sharing for the hundreds of us who use the drive every weekend for recreating?