Saturday, March 13, 2010

2010 National Bike Summit Highlights

This year's highlights from the biggest and boldest Bike Summit to date:

Day 1
  • More than 700 attendees at the National Bike Summit
  • Bikes Belong launches People For Bikes Campaign
  • Bicycle Coalition wins advocacy organization of the year award from Alliance for Bicycling and Walking

Day 2
  • Federal Highway Administrator highlights TIGER grant to Philadelphia/Camden in his remarks
  • DE Governor Markell speaks at the opening plenary session
  • Green Cycle Track announced for Pennsylvania Avenue (concept photo)
  • Google Maps rolls out Bicycling Directions
  • Google Bike Sweepstakes for Twitter users (#bikewithgoogle)
  • Bicycle Coalition receives $20,000 Bicycle Friendly Communities Grant from Bikes Belong/REI
  • Sarah Clark Stuart presents on panel about social marketing
  • Bikes PAC fundraiser sets record
Day 3
  • Breakfast with Bob Casey provides face time with the Senator
  • Bicyclists who couldn't attend participate in a Virtual Advocacy Day
  • Representative Sestak introduces Highway Safety funding legislation
  • 35 Pennsylvania constituents from across the state jam Senate Offices
  • Specter Aide says the PA delegation of bicyclists was one largest groups he has ever seen-looking forward to the new transportation bill
  • Casey Aide says that our message about bikeable/walkable communities is resonating
  • Quote of the Day from Rob Andrew's Legislative Aide - "My world is blowing up with this healthcare bill"
  • Anti-Tax/Healthcare activist with funny hat rolls eyes at bike summit elevator speech
  • Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood jumps on the table to speak to a full house at congressional reception and gets rock start treatment.
  • Russell Meddin rushes the stage-hands Ray LaHood a Complete The Trail brochure
  • Sarah Clark Stuart and Matt Anastasi personally thank Secretary LaHood for Philly and Camden
  • Earl Blumenaur works the room and speaks to local advocates

Bike Share Philly's Russell Meddin interrupts Ray LaHood's speech at the National Bike Summit