Tuesday, February 23, 2010

SEPTA Expands Bikes on Trains

SEPTA has posted their new bicycle regulations on their website and it contains a nice surprise-the two bikes per train rule has been changed to two bikes per car. Doubling the number of bikes that can be carried on most off-peak trains and offering the potential of carrying as many as 14 bikes on SEPTA's seven car Comet Train Sets (although most of those trains run peak hour/peak direction only). In addition folding bicycles are now permitted on buses and trolleys. This is a major step forward in improving bicycle access on transit lines.

Unfortunately, included in the new policy is a statement forbidding bicycles on the R1 Airport Line at all times. The Bicycle Coalition has made their objections known to SEPTA and we are working with them to rescind this policy change. If you are concerned about the prohibition of bicycles on the R1 line, please email or call SEPTA Customer Service at (215) 580-7800.
UPDATE 2/24 4:40PM - Susan Dannenberg at SEPTA has notified us that bikes access will be re-instated on the Airport Line, we'll put up a new post once the policy has been updated on the website.