Sunday, December 20, 2009

Show Us Your Bikes In The Snow Photos

Bikes in the snow-shocking!

Everytime a local news station offers minute by minute snow coverage in Center City a passing bicyclist stuns the reporter on the street.

Upload your photos on Flickr and add them to our Bikes in the Snow group []. By the way we like absurdities of snowplowing for cars only. Think of bikes passing a plowed-in bike lane sign, bus shelter or an old lady walking in the street.

Here are some photos from the last Storm of the Century in February 2003.

Snow and bicycles


Unknown said...

Any chance you could give us a Monday morning update on the Spruce and Pine bike lanes? Unfortunately, I have no photos of bikes, but I'm pretty sure at least a few people snapped photos of me riding through S. Philly yesterday.

JustinC said...

Not morning anymore, but this morning on my walk to the El (up 3rd St.) Spruce and Pine were in bad shape. The bike lanes were all but covered in "wintery mix", and the car lane was rather bad looking, too. At least for a guy like me with thin and smooth road tires.