Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Copenhagen They Plow the Bike Lanes First - In Philly It's Where We Put The Snow

But neglected sidewalks are an even bigger problem. Trophy Bikes shop owner turned DIY filmaker Michael McGettigan documents the immaculately plowed Walnut St Bridge and the consequences of the unshoveled sidewalks.

Mayor Nutter has warned several times over the weekend that Philadelphians need to shovel their sidewalks or face fines, and in fact FOX 29 reported this morning that they are ticketing homeowners in South Philly in the vicinity of neighborhood schools. But orphan sidewalks on bridges, next to vacant land and even adjacent to parks will never get plowed.

There is only one way to resolve this issue. Make some noise! We strongly urge people who have to walk on the street because of this neglect to call 311 or use SeeClickFix.

Note: We have received reports that Fairmount Park has plowed the MLK and Kelly Drive Paths. SRDC usually clears the Schuylkill River Park path. We have received no reports on the Wissahickon bikeway (paved portion) or the Schuylkill River Trail's last mile (Port Royal Ave to the City Line) or the SRT in Montgomery County. We would greatly appreciate any reports and or photos.

We'll also see how the bike lanes are doing, look for photos in the Bicycles and Snow Flickr group later today. Oh yes expect the Ben Franklin Bridge walkway to be closed until the soaking rains wash it clean and the suns dries it like a raisin. Apparently the city doesn't ticket giant transportation agencies for not keeping sidewalks clear.


Unknown said...

If the city actually ticketed for not shoveling instead of warning, the city's budget issues would be solved.

In my neighborhood very few shovel. Where's the tickets?

Anonymous said...

How about mobilizing some volunteers and snow shovels. If you wait for the city to shovel the Walnut St. bridge its going to be a long wait.

Unknown said...

John and Michael,
Thank you for bringing this to mine and others attention. I took my foul weather beater up and around the water treatment center off N. Aramingo AVE over the weekend a few times but have not been spanning the city as i normally would.I'll try to get out of the lab and on the saddle later today. Sadly with a backlog of work I won't have time to get out that far to report on the locations mentioned, but will post my general findings here and elsewhere tonight. If anyone has read all the text on this page and still is confused as to why so many people are concerned about bike lanes in late Dec.or you think you are the only one here is a great site for your enjoyment http://www.icebike.org/ personally I love blazing my own trail but for commuters its difficult to do with a 5 ft. high three mile long semi-permanent ice pile obstructing the bike lane.
Cheers and thanks again and to all other future comments and related posts.

Anonymous said...

The city states that the streets are 95% passable. Post your comments about the sidewalks on the city's face book page.


Andrew J. Besold said...

I vote Michael for Streetfilms Philly!

He's got a new calling.

Unknown said...

Give it a break! The city is BROKE!

John Boyle said...

Funny that people aren't accepting that the "City is Broke" when their own streets aren't plowed. It's not about being broke, its about a plan and priorities.

Does this city value young mothers with strollers and the elderly? Not when the bus stops and curb cuts are plowed in.

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