Friday, December 04, 2009

Bike and Fly PHL

Philadelphia International joins an enlighted class of major airports that accommodate bicycles. After a long process PHL has finally installed bike racks at locations convenient for both airport employees and air passengers.

16 hitch 2 (staple) bike racks are installed in four locations and available for use as follows:

At Terminal A West there are 5 racks. These are located on the south commercial road next to the taxi holding area. These are not covered but are in a generally secure area with lots of taxi’s and related activity in the area.

Between the Terminal B baggage claim area and the back of the Marriot Hotel there are 3 racks located under the garage entrance ramp. These are covered by the ramp overpass.

At the north end of the Terminal D Regional Rail Platform entrance along the south commercial road there are 4 racks. These are covered and are in a generally secure area with a taxi/shuttle service coordinator’s booth next to them. These are probably the best positioned racks for use and security.

In the Airport employee parking lot off of Bartram Ave and 84th Streets adjacent to the employee shuttle bus access gate there are 4 staple racks. These already have bikes using them.

View Sports Complex and PHL Bike Parking in a larger map


Andrew J. Besold said...

Cool, but how do you bike there? Airports are notoriously bicycle-unfriendly places in the US.

Unknown said...

I'm not sure there is a (safe) way to bike entirely to the airport, but you can bike to a Regional Rail station and take the R1 train to the Airport. The R1 train is great; it's less than 1/2 hour ride from Center City and leaves every half hour from early AM until late at night.

You'd have to check SEPTA's website but I think you can take bikes on trains anytime outside of rush hour.

There are also buses to the airport, which should have front bike racks, but those are painfully slow.

BlueMingo said...

Yes, and you still have to PAY to take your bike on a plane with you; golf clubs can fly for free.

Andrew J. Besold said...

Hey! That's a pretty good route, with bike lanes most of the way!

Using that route, PHL is probably one of the most bicycle accessible (no transit cheating!) airports in the US!

Still, I have my concerns about crossing the SEPTA tracks at that one point and Gov. Printz Blvd looks really hairy at the end but even that can be bypassed using the parking lot roads.

John Boyle said...

Going south you can also use Lindbergh-84th-Bartram going north there is a hairy intersection at 84-Bartram.

To get to Mario Lanza walk your bike through the SEPTA's Eastwick Station using the common sense to look both ways.