Friday, November 20, 2009

Where are the Bicycle Bills Now?

Two separate actions - The introduction of bicycle bills in City Council and the Police bicycle enforcement campaign of existing laws has generated anger, some confusion and a bit of a media circus. Thankfully however the legislative process is about to slow to a crawl and hopefully reduce the level of anxiety that many bicyclists have been experiencing.

The three bicycle bills introduced into City Council yesterday were referred to committee. The next step will be public hearings, perhaps more than one on the bills. Councilman DiCicco's office stated in the Inquirer today that hearings will be held in the New Year. It is possible however that amendments will be made to the bill before or as a result of the public hearings.

After the hearings the Committee will then have to vote it out of Committee. It will then be read for a second time in City Council and put up to a vote. Finally the Mayor will have to sign the bills before they become law.

A more technical document describing the Rules of City Council is here.


Chrissy said...

What would lessen the anxiety is less aggressive driving from motorists on the road. What are you doing to help ease that?

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