Monday, November 30, 2009

Messenger Rally, chat and more

The news cycle about the Great Bicycle Enforcement/Regulation Debate continues for the third week running.

The Philadelphia Bicycle Messenger Association rally is scheduled for 5pm today at 16th and JFK. Metro gets the scoop by writing up Rachel Fletcher's hit and run with a silver hatchback early Thanksgiving (11/26) morning at 23rd and Locust Streets that left her face and jaw literally broken.

After bashing bicyclists over the past several weeks, Stu Bykofsky opines that engineering is the answer! and offers up "Copenhagen" style separated bike lanes. The Philadelphia Weekly summarizes the bicycle raging at Philadelphia Media Holdings.

Bicycle Coalition staff will be on a chat tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1pm to talk about (what else?) bicycle(s, ists, ing) in Philadelphia.

We're keeping our news page updated with all of the stories being written about this debate.