Saturday, November 07, 2009

Bike Commuters on the Walnut Street Bridge

If you want to visit the ground zero location of bicycle commuter traffic in Philadelphia then you need to be on the Walnut Street Bridge from 8:45 to 9:00AM. These videos were shot shortly after 9AM on Friday Day 4 of the strike.

The above video shows a large number of cyclists turning on to the Walnut St Bridge from the 22nd St bike lane. Note that cyclists split between a semi-vehicular left (as in squeezing between vehicles to get there) and the L turn at the intersection which requires crowding the crosswalk on narrow and gridlocked Walnut St. Either street at this intersection could use a bike box to handle the crowd turning left onto the bridge.

The conflict zone at the Schuylkill Ave/29th St intersection, turning cars negotiate with bikes here. The blue bike lane seems to make this conflict zone function as best as it can, but it is far from the ideal. There Schuylkill River Development Corporation is working on plans in the works that might modify this intersection and hopefully help slow down traffic.