Friday, October 02, 2009

The Philadelpha Zoo Wants Your Input on the Westbank Greenway Extension

The City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Zoo are working on plans to connect the Westbank Greenway with the Zoo and Fairmount Park and they want to hear from you.

See the plans and take the survey.

Proposed Improvements:
  • Replacement of the existing sidewalk along 34th Street with a 10’ wide multi-use trail.
  • Replacement of the existing sidewalk along the Zoo frontage on 34th Street.
  • Replacement of existing curb ramps in accordance with current ADA criteria at the following intersections:
    • 34th Street/Girard Avenue/Lansdowne Avenue
    • 34th Street/Zoological Drive
  • Extension of the existing concrete barrier on the 34th Street Bridge to eliminate bicycle and pedestrian crossings at the 34th Street/Zoological Drive intersection.

View of the proposed path along 34th St.


Anonymous said...

Great! "Multi-use" trail should be reclassified as "bike-use", which is really the case anymore. This will turn out just like the situation on the Schuylkill River "multi-use" trail where taking a pleasant walk means having to dodge Lance Armstrong wannabees acting like it's their personal racetrack. It's fun to be yelled at for being in their way or slowing them down.

Mister Max said...

Why is this just posted today, when the survey is to be mailed _before_ today? - Max

John Boyle said...

We were not given the heads up about this until Friday. If you have concerns please contact:

Nina Bisbee
The Philadelphia Zoo
Phone: 215-243-1100

Stephanie L. Butler, P.E.
McMahon & Associates, Inc.
Phone: 215-283-9444

Taggart said...

The bike rack design competition was posted right before, or after, it was due as well. Something in the communication kink is broken.