Monday, October 12, 2009

In Minneapolis A Cycletrack Draws Little Criticism

Compare this reporting in America's No. 2 bicycle city to some of the news reports seen regarding the bike lanes on Spruce and Pine. I think they are just nicer there.

It's a pretty radical treatment a one way street (1st Ave) will become a two way street with bike lanes. During off peak times the right lane becomes parking creating a part time cycletrack or physically separated bike lanes. The report has a nice animation.

Hennepin Avenue with its famous and awkward left side two way bike lane will become a two way street. 1st Ave which is parallel will now be the preferred street for cyclists although Hennepin will contain a bike/bus/right turn lanes.

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hereNT said...

Actually, this drew a lot of criticism once it was actually in. The implementation didn't end up anywhere near what we thought we were getting. The paint isn't even all approved, last I heard, and now isn't going in until next summer. The markings on Hennepin were non-existent for a while, and when put in were not the size or placement cyclists wanted.

The cycletrack is nearly useless for everyone. It's not even getting plowed properly now, and typically just becomes a parking lane.

These also came in at the same time as they took two other north south routes away through downtown. We're kind of screwed until spring at the earliest now, and nobody is really sure what, if anything can or will be done to rectify things.

Full story according to the bikers here:

38 pages worth of comments...