Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"American Idle" Takes A Hard Look At Our Sedentary Culture

Author/Professor Mary Collins American who suffered debilitating injuries in a bicycle crash several years ago and began to explore the American Idle: A Journey Through Our Sedentary Culture

Collins who was recovering from a severe bicycle crash, began a study of movement and how our sedentary lifestyle affects our physical and mental health. What she found is that the message that the health care community has been sending out - eat right and exercise has been ineffective and is impeded by the by our indoor culture, suburban sprawl and a lack of outdoor public spaces. All of this has created a compulsion to drive everywhere and a disdain to get out and take a walk, even when sidewalks are available and places are within walking distance.

Collins' website offers a sample chapter that features a conversation about the social costs of inactivity with the National Center For Bicycling and Walking Director Sharon Roerty.

With the "growing" worldwide obesity problem Collins offers a fresh perspective on how we can "move forward" and making our communities bicycle friendly is a "step in the right direction".