Friday, September 18, 2009

Scooter and Motorcycle Parking Debuts in Center City

New on-street motorbike parking at 19th and Sansom. The Parking Authority promises that scooters and motorcycles on the sidewalk will be ticketed and possibly towed. But it remains to be seen if this type of paid parking catches on.

We hope that on-street bicycle parking isn't too far behind. (Note - There are no plans to charge for on-street bicycle parking).


Chrissy said...

No lie.. I don't think I would ride if I had to pay for parking.

asdf said...

That and it looks like there aren't provisions for locks...this idea will fail ultimately because

1. it costs money
2. there is no place to lock
3. the parking authority is in charge

cdags said...

I can't imagine that the PPA would actually charge for bike parking. Then again, seanlawrence definitely is on to something with his 3rd bullet point.

Anonymous said...

i was wondering what those were. it is frustrating when searching for a place to lock up my bike and the lone rack on the street as 2 scooters locked to it.
even though it sucks, they are preferable to cars and i havent been able to think of a better place for them to park (and i try often, everytime they are locked to a rack i want to use). if i had a scooter, i wouldnt leave it unlocked in the middle of the city all day. maybe the scooter parking charges should go to a guard to keep an eye on them.

Edde M said...

I think bicycles, motorcyles and scooter users have more interests in common in pursuing a 2 wheeled Philadelphia...and need to collaborate more.

M/S riders aren't entirely thrilled by this throw-up parking confuses activity with accomplishment.

Unknown said...

this system is the same as other metro areas in the US though.

San Fran is one specifically. you pay money, there are no locks, etc. and yes, shit gets stolen, Ducatis, scooters, etc.

I dont know if there is much of an answer, as i don't see parking authorities making a way to lock up a scooter or motorcycle *because* this would prevent them from towing you if you are parked illegally.

Philly is simply following the lead of many other cities in the US. The PPA does parking, the PPD does crime.

Art said...

Sandor, I agree with your observation that allowing locking would impede towing.

I can think of a simple, ground embedded U-bolt type anchor that can be unlocked by the PPA (like boots) but are otherwise secure for locking motorcycles and scooters to.

Unknown said...

Now Art, that is an intelligent idea. I like it. PPA trucks have the master key, but we can still lock up to something.

or something like this:

Personally, i would pony up if the PPA would give us something to lock to. I know cities like Columbus have a $50 a year permit for two wheeled parking, i'd do it, if they had something to lock to.

Anonymous said...

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Dana Giordano said...

I've already had one scooter stolen by being unlocked - no way I'm risking theft and then getting the scooter knocked over.

I'm quite pissed about this. Now parking to a u-bar is getting me $75 dollare unattended tickets for my 49cc scooter. I may as well go back to the suburbs.

That's $160/month minimum if I a) actually have a spot to park b) don't get any $75 tickets (hah!), c) only go in cc during the week. d) don't get stolen/dinged or pushed over.

More likly parking legally will cost me $224/month. I'll save no money driving my scoot to philly everyday. Which was the point. May as well move to the suburbs and get a car or just scoot there. PPA is out of their minds. They should be supporting smal vehicles, both bike and scooters, especially in this economy!

PPA: Put more u-bars up. If you must, have us register in philly and pay a fee, put a sticker on the scoot. Take the mandatory in the parking away - leave the spots for the huge motorcycles. Little 49cc scooters don't take up that much room and like the bike racks. Maybe put wide-topped poles up to save space.

Unknown said...

that's just ridiculous. Now way would anyone pay for that with a scooter,

Anonymous said...

go for a micro mini scooter and you can just fold it up and put it in your backpack when you get to where you are going!