Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bicycle Coalition Offers Free Air and Advice on Spruce St

The Bicycle Coalition rolled out its pilot "service station" at 16th and Spruce during Wednesday's evening commute. The station staff offered free air, safety tips and up to the minute information about the new bike lanes on Spruce and Pine Streets. More than 50 cyclists stopped by and gave us their opinions about the new facilities. They left with an I BIKE PHL sticker as well the guide to biking in Philadelphia. The pilot was an overwhelming success, so look for more BCGP service stations in the future.

The bike service station is a concept introduced by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition who have used itto improve their outreach to the local bicycle community. (Photos on Flickr) They shared their knowledge during a recent membership conference held by the Alliance For Biking And Walking a national organization composed of bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups.


Chrissy said...

Did you guys notice people going the wrong way in the bike lanes? I've seen in a bunch of times so far... and almost got into an accident the other day because the idiot going east on spruce couldn't swerve out of my way until the last minute because there was a lot of traffic

such morons

a lau said...

I think cyclists and pedestrians both need a refresher on the duties as a cyclist on the roads and the duties as a pedestrian crossing the street.

Sarah C. Stuart said...

No, we didn't see anyone riding the wrong way yesterday. While it does happen, it appears to be done at a relatively low level. The Bicycle Coalition does document wrong way riding when volunteers conduct bicycle counts. If anyone wants to help with bicycle counts, send an email to

Josh said...

I could not agree with you more a lau

Instep Jogging Stroller

fh said...

I'm mostly a driver, but sometimes bike. (I have a hectic lifestyle, so don't give me a hard time). I work near 5th and Spruce, and I have also seen a few people riding the wrong way. However, I have also seen people driving in the bike lanes (who I promptly take my road rage out on and beep and holler at to them get out).