Monday, August 10, 2009

SeeClickFix Now on the BCGP Website

We posted a sample hazard report map using SeeClickFix several months ago and now we have put it online on the BCGP website:
It is also available as an RSS feed.

Simply click on the map to report a problem, make sure you include the either bike or bicycle in the description so we can track the problem.

In Philadelphia Philly 311 monitors SeeClickFix entries, they also produce a service request number which allows to you track your complaint on their website.

Outside the City you can designate yourself or a decision maker in your community such as a Bicycle Advisory Committee contact or Public Works Manager as a "watch area fixer". They will receive email alerts of hazards in their watch area, a feature that they can easily disable if they choose.


Anonymous said...
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PA_Biker said...


Philly 311 does not monitor SeeClickFix requests. They use a different service called PublicStuff, which has their own plugin. You can see that plugin on Philly 311's website here:

The SeeClickFix system is based on Open 311, and Philadelphia does not have any Open 311 systems at the moment, so there is no way that any service requests submitted through SeeClickFix will be sent to Philly's 311 system.