Monday, August 03, 2009

Public Meeting for Spruce-Pine Bike Lanes

There will be a special community meeting on the Spruce-Pine Bike Lane Project on Wednesday, August 12, 2009, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM: The Gershman Y - Chapel 100, University of the Arts, 401 South Broad Street.

There is some opposition from some neighbors about this project. We strongly urge those bicyclists who support this project, especially those who live in the immediate vicinity of Spruce and Pine Streets, to attend this meeting.


Unknown said...

Everyone should go in support! We've waited far too long for this development. Spruce and Pine are Cab-central and covered with potholes. We need more east-west corridors besides Spring Garden and Washington (which is a total joke). Some that are pedestrian/cycling-scaled and actually IN center city.

Anonymous said...

There is some opposition from some neighbors about this project.

Why should they have full entitlement to these streets? Velocipedes were in use in Washington Square as early as 1819, championed by Charles Willson Peale (famous for his portraits of George Washington). Our city has a rich history of non-motorized transportation that long predates the automobile. Philadelphia streets were designed neither for the bike nor the car, and both inventions were initially met with some indignation. Now we have no choice but to safely accommodate all users of our roads. If it's purity that these motorists desire, perhaps we should convert all Pine and Spruce traffic to pedestrian-only. That'll give us a real claim to being an "Old World" city! You'll hear no complaints from me.