Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pottstown Bike Racks - Do They Need A Permit?

Pottstown bike racks challenged for not having permits

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

By Evan Brandt,

POTTSTOWN — Not too long ago, bike racks began springing up all over town, aimed, in part, at making the free bikes offered by the Bike Pottstown program that much easier to use.

The 30 bike racks were installed either by Preservation Pottstown or the property owners themselves, according to Tom Carroll, president of Preservation Pottstown and an energetic advocate of the Bike Pottstown program.

The racks are located throughout town, from the North End to the Montgomery County Community College West Campus. The cost of the racks, about $15,000, was paid by selling advertising on the racks for roughly $500 each, Carroll said.

But it seems they were put up without any borough permits, and Jerry Stick, former water meter reader and one-time mayoral candidate, would like to know why. He addressed his question to Pottstown Borough Council Monday.