Monday, July 06, 2009

Thank You Bike Freedom Valley Volunteers

Thank You Freedom Valley Volunteers!

Although the sky was dreary and drizzly our Freedom Valley Volunteers make sunshine with their smiles and their efforts to make this Freedom Valley great. We couldn’t have Bike Freedom Valley without all our great volunteers.

Before the day event started we had volunteers preparing everything ahead of time.; Thanks to: Matt Anastasi, David Bennett, Paul Minick, Al Porter, Barry Wolff, and the Bicycle Coalition staff. Thanks to the Bicycle Ambassadors who did a myriad of tasks, from: setup and teardown, route direction and signage, hospitality and even mechanical support. The newest team at the Bicycle Coalition was a well oiled machine.

Our route markers persevered through endless days of rainy weather and numerous trips to finish because of the weather. There intrepid volunteers were: Charles Carmalt, Jeffrey Kochanowicz, Dominic Zuppo, Michael Broennle and Susan Dannenberg.

Our set up volunteers came very early and our cleanup volunteers stayed very late. Thank You: Noel Abejo, Jim Laurino, John Siemiarowski, Kimberly Murphy, Omar Sinanan, and Thomas Taggart.

Our registration volunteers were cheerful, accurate and speedy. Thanks to: Carol Nitzburg, Sue Shubert, Sarah Clark Stuart, Tom Benson, Patrick O’Bannon, Pat Perry, Barry Wolff, and Jeff Bakely.

Our rest stop and Finish Line Volunteers had really long days and served our riders welll and with good cheer. They are: David Bennett, Claudia Crane, Paul Droesch, Terry Myers, Dave Ryan, Donna Brown, Jerrilynn Donaldson, Nick Manta, Maureen Gartland, Pat Perry, Ron Stern, Jeff Hartman, Stacy Plattenberger.

Our traffic directors who were not limited to the Bicycle Ambassadors helped our riders go the right way: Mary Texidor, Dan Gold, D. Mike Smith, Ed Henckels, Christine Martha, Charlotte Chatfield.

Thanks to all the Stationary SAG, SAG Drivers, and SAG Bicyclists. In addition to Philly Car Share, Keswick Cycle, REI, Danzeisen and Quigley (D&Q), Guy’s Bicycles, Chariots of Philly, Neighborhood Bikeworks, and the Exton and West Chester Bicycle Center, we had volunteers: James Smith, Terry Myers, Paul Des Rocher, Barry Wolff, Jeffrey Kochanowicz, Frank Jackson, Paul Minick, and Woody Kotch.

You were all wonderful and if I missed anyone please let me know so I can thank you personally.

Jill Minick