Friday, July 17, 2009

Tell Councilman DiCicco You Support Center City Bike Lanes

The response to the news that the Nutter Administration is planning to install east-west bike lanes across Center City has been overwhelming. Over 180 thank you letters have been sent to Mayor Nutter. But, in addition to thanking Mayor Nutter, it would also be terrific for Councilman Frank DiCicco to hear from neighbors and others that they support the forthcoming lanes.

If you live in Councilman DiCicco's district or are very likely to use the bike lanes when installed, please send him a very short (two sentences is plenty) email message expressing your support. Please copy Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler on your message, and us at the Bicycle Coalition as well! , and

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

What's the criteria they will use to consider keeping these lanes in place after the two month trial?

Anonymous said...

Really. I think their timing is suspect considering they could have done the program over the summer months as opposed to fall into winter.

caduceus said...

Just an FYI, my e-mail to
failed. It does not seem to be a working address (or it just automatically spit back my hotmail address).

John Boyle said... those of you that received this mornings email blast got the incorrect address.