Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bicycle Ambassadors Grind Away At Abandoned Bikes

The Bicycle Ambassadors teamed up with the Streets Department today to remove thirty skeleton bikes from bike racks, fences and parking meters in Center City. Removing these bikes eliminated neighborhood eyesores while simultaneously opening up much needed bicycle parking spaces.

The Ambassadors zip-tie yellow laminated tags on damaged bicycles at least 7 days before removal, giving owners ample notice in case they wish to recover them. The locks are then cut away from the bikes which are then hauled by the Streets Department to Neighborhood Bike Works where the bikes or their usable parts are recycled.

Thanks to the Schuylkill River Development Corporation for providing the electric generator to get the job done quickly and safely. Look for the Ambassadors to continue removing skeleton bicycles throughout the summer.


Ambassador Chrystal Smith grinds down a bicycle lock with the Streets Department Truck in the Background. Slideshow


Jonathan Bringhurst said...

Haha, I clicked on the link to see if the bikes were being sent to NBW. Looks like they are. Good job guys. :-)

Taggart said...

I don't think 7 days is enough notice, especially is someone bikes to a train station to the airport before going on vacation. Agree/Disagree?

Alex Doty said...

Seven day notice is given to bikes that appear to be abandoned (missing wheels, no air in the tires, very rusty chains). Bikes are not being removed simply because they have been in the same place for seven days.

Taggart said...

Ok, that sounds a lot better.