Friday, June 19, 2009

Update On The Recent Hit And Run Car-nage

Two communications regarding bicyclists who have been struck recently by hit and run drivers:

1 - A bicyclist who was struck at 6th and Spring Garden Evan Kelley, 21, suffered a broken fibula and tibia when he was struck by a car that immediately fled the scene last weekend.

Beef & Beer to benefit Evan and assist with hospital bills will take place tonight Friday, June 19, at Cafe Estelle (444 N. 4th St.). $20 for all you can eat beef brisket sammies and local draft beer. Here is a post on the benefit.

2 - Anger at Old City Cab is building for not penalizing the cab driver involved in a hit and run that seriously injured a cyclist has sparked an internet campaign to boycott the company:


Boycott Olde City Cab Co. until they come forth with the driver that hit Amanda Gillern.
Taxi hit and run accidents with cyclists in Philadelphia are becoming all too common, are often fatal and, in some cases, are left unresolved by the authorities. This is preventable if we as a community hold Cab companies and their drivers accountable for their reckless behavior.

Read the following article & please fwd, repost, Twitter, blog, ect. this simple but justified call for action.

As the article states and contrary to early reports Gillern suffern serious injuries. She remains at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Fair Condition with a punctured lung and broken neck, leg and ribs.

Not angry enough? Check out this video in Jersey City of a pedestrian struck last week by a hit and run motorist who ran a red light. Even more appalling - the bad behavior doesn't end with the crash, watch for more red light runners who make illegal right turns at the end of the video.


Amanda said...

Thanks guys! I'm still at Jeff recovering but it really helps to feel some solidarity between bikers in this city!