Thursday, June 11, 2009

Take Back The Drive Update: More Good News for Park Users

The Streets Department informed us that the soft rumble strips will be applied in the travel lanes on Martin Luther King Drive this weekend (weather permitting). The city is also in the early stages of planning to install a high visibily flash signal at the crosswalk.

So far three of the short term objectives of our Take Back the Drive campaign have been or will shortly be addressed: a narrowing of the outbound on-ramp through striping and the application of soft rumble strips at the crosswalk. The third objective of "Yield to Pedestrians" signs have also been installed, although these signs are not the "silent policeman" in-street signs that we asked for (and see used on the Art Museum road--why not on MLK?).

But there is more to do to make MLK Drive safer for park users. We still are asking for the flashing lights that need to go through the bidding process. We also would like to see sawtooth "yield bars" before the crosswalk, increased car free hours on weekends and a hard look at the feasibility of reducing travel and installing bike lanes on MLK Drive.


Anonymous said...

Good job!!! Hard to believe changes were made so swiftly!!! M

Kyle G. said...

The City installed inbound rumble strips and sawtooth yield symbols on Saturday morning. Photo here: