Monday, June 01, 2009

BCGP's Sarah Clark Stuart in the Final Running For Parks and Rec Commission

Committee on Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs announces
recommendations for the Commission on Parks and Recreation

The City Council Committee on Parks Recreation and Cultural Affairs announced its commissioner recommendations to serve on the new Parks and Recreation Commission this afternoon.  Out of 204 applications, the Committee was required to provide the full Council with 18-25 recommendations.

The 25 recommendations are: Noel Abejo, Charles Baltimore, Max Berger, Luther Collins, Andrew Denison, Nancy Goldenberg, Debra Wolf Goldstein, Jeffrey Hackett, David Hollenberg, Alexander “Pete” Hoskins, John B. Kelly, III, Anthony Langford, Matthew McClure, Michael McCrea, Leslie Anne Miller, Carla Puppin, Carol Rice, Carlos Rodriguez, Wendy Rosen, James Straw, Sarah Clark Stuart, Joseph Syrnick, Ronald Thomas, Maria Walker, L. Trena Woodson.

City Council is expected to adopt its final recommendations via a resolution in its meeting on June 4.  Mayor Nutter will then be selecting the final 9 Commissioners from the list provided by Council.

The Committee on Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs, would like to thank all of the applicants who participated in this process. 


Taggart said...

Tell us about her and why we should email everyone we know to support her!

Michele said...

Yes, Select Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Why Support Sarah Clark Stuart?
Here's why....

Sarah Clark Stuart was among those who led the movement, which hammered on the CSX railroad to make sure the crossing at Locust St. into the park stayed open.

She goes to scores of long meetings with the city and the state, waits for the right moment, and gets the needs of cyclists and pedestrians and park users considered. She backs up her requests with facts and surveys and first hand knowledge of the park, the bike paths, and city living.

Sarah guided and created a great guide to bicycle parking (and the lack of it) in Philadelphia that is leading directly to legislation that will put bike parking in new buildings

She keeps a cool head, but is passionate about making this city better for park users. She's already accomplished a lot without much money or drama.

She would be a great addition to the Parks and Recreation Commission. I see some names on the list that are the same old tired pols and wired up attorneys that will do "favors" for the connected and ignore the rest of us.

Please let Mayor Nutter and City Council know that Sarah Clark Stuart will make the park--and our city--a better place.

--mcget/trophy bikes