Saturday, May 09, 2009

What Does The Parking Crackdown Mean For Bicyclists?

The Parking Authority and the Police Department along with the Department of Transportation and Utilities have already begun their parking reform operations with officers now at key intersections during rush hour and a dedicated tow truck ready to go.

So what does that mean for bicyclists?

Civility has been a priority of Deputy Mayor Cutler and bicyclists violating red lights, riding on sidewalks and abandoned bicycles have all been mentioned as problems that need to be addressed. It's not clear if there will be a crackdown on bicyclists but I wouldn't disobey the police directing traffic. I suspect that the city will try to encourage bicyclists to do the right thing before any type of crackdown. In Mid May Philadelphia's Bicycle Ambassadors will be hitting the streets and they will be tasked with educating bicyclists and motorists to safely co-exist.

The latest press release does suggest that there will be more bike parking coming. The rearrangement of loading zones and talks about bicycle, scooter and motorcycle suggest that there will be an opportunity for on-street bike corrals. The city is also conducting a study on how to replace lost bike parking when the lollipop meters are replaced with the whole block smart meters.

And that study cannot conclude soon enough-to date meter poles have not been replaced. 3rd St between Market and Arch is especially hard hit, although a couple of BCGP sponsored Adopt A Racks were installed it is not meeting the current demand- with many bikes tied to whatever street sign pole is available.


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