Thursday, May 07, 2009

Philadelphia City Council Hears Bike Parking Bill

Philadelphia is on the verge of taking another important step towards sustainability.

Next Wednesday, May 13th at 10am (Room 400), the City Council Rules Committee will consider a bicycle parking bill to amend the zoning code to require certain construction projects to install bicycle racks.

If you live or work in a building that doesn’t provide bicycle parking, you know how hard it is to convince property managers to install racks. And the lack of racks in buildings is a deterrent to many people who would otherwise bike to work. Requiring bike racks to be installed when a new development is constructed is the most cost efficient way to improve safety and security for bicycle parking.

This legislation was developed by the Nutter Administration in partnership with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, through the Pedestrian/Bicycle Plan Steering Committee. It was introduced by Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, Councilman James Kenny and Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. The bill is similar to those enacted by other peer cities, such as Washington DC, Chicago, Ill. and New York City, which just passed similar legislation on April 22, 2009. The bill will require 4 types of “uses” (non-residential, multiple family dwellings, public parking lots and low occupancy facilities) to provide bike parking spaces. More details about the bill are in a factsheet on the BCGP website.

If you want to testify in support of the bill, please contact Jason Lewis ( ) in Councilwoman Reynolds Brown's office. Even if you would rather not testify, your presence at the hearing will be enormously helpful to show City Council members that this bill is supported by the public. Please come to the hearing to demonstrate public support for this measure.

This legislation was prompted by a Bicycle Coalition May 2008 report on Philadelphia's bike parking shortage, which recommended this type of legislation be adopted. You can see many photos of good, bad and no bicycle parking in Philadelphia taken by bicyclists during 2008.

Please pass on this post to any friends of colleagues who might be interested in coming to the hearing.

For more information, contact:
Sarah Clark Stuart
Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia


Anonymous said...

Are you bikers at all concerned about the City Council selling off the park? Is there some watchdog group that will be involved in this?