Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Bike Wins Again

The Medal Stand
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Philly Bike Coalition

This was not just another commuter race. This year BCGP and the Bicycle Ambassadors put some snap into this event on a foggy morning.

We also took the race to the people by moving the finish line to the SW corner of 15th and Market. For the fourth year in a row the bicyclist took first place. Travelling from 29th and Fairmount in 12 minutes and 21 seconds. About one minute later the ZipCar arrived (with a special free parking spot). As is the past the SEPTA bus rider lagged behind with a significant 10 minute gap.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this fun event a reality. Especially to Fuji Bikes President Pat Cunnane and Somerdale Track Coach Jim Mohan for operating the giant track clock.


Taggart said...

You need to randomly generate commutes from around the city to city hall, and then see who wins. Or take suggestions from readers from their own commutes. You picked a low-septa service area. Not sure if this is fare.....

Anonymous said...

Hmm, there is no intersection of 29th and Fairmount.

Andrew J. Besold said...

Nice that Pat Cunnane rode in a suit and a tie, on a Breezer with a full chain case and a fenders. Really hammers the point home how practical a bike can be even for an executive.