Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bike to the Ballpark - Phillies Win But Bikes Need an Exit Strategy

A good time was had by all as the light intermittent rain stopped and most of the game was dry. The Phillies beat the Washington Nationals 5 to 4.

Bike to the Ballpark

Bike to the Ballpark on Flickr

Exiting the ballpark was the biggest challenge. With everyone leaving at once it is impossible to take the lane. The 10th St exit essentially becomes one way with nearly all the traffic turning right onto Packer Avenue. We decided to use the left inbound shoulder and then used the crosswalks to continue on the right side of S 10th.

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Continuing north on 10th we made a left on Oregon, this was a mistake as the bike lane is a double parking nightmare from 10th to 13th due to post game bar patrons. Once we got on 13th it was a very quiet and easy bike ride back to Center City.

Also as a side note the bike lane on 10th st. was eliminated from Bigler St to Packer Ave with restriping, we need to ask the Streets Department why that decision was made.

Does anyone have an exit strategy when they leave CB Park? No doubt that this problem needs to be addressed in the Bike Ped Plan.