Monday, April 13, 2009

Lend your voice in support of riverfront planning

On Tuesday, April 21, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission will hold a public meeting at 1pm to consider accepting the Civic Vision for the Central Delaware as the framework for future planning and a "do no harm" interim zoning overlay. This overlay, drafted by Councilman Frank DiCicco, will establish fundamental planning elements, such as leaving the riverfront open for a greenway.

Why is this overlay important to bicyclists? Because it will set a precedent for ensuring the possibility of developing a connected greenway along the entire Delaware and Schuylkill Riverfronts. It will open portions of the river to residents for the first time, while improving the economic vitality of the area and the entire city as a result of increased neighborhood and riverfront attractiveness.

PennFuture is asking those who support having a citywide greenway along the two riverfronts to send a message to the Philadelphia City Planning Commission. Send an email to the Commission letting them know you support A Civic Vision for the Central Delaware and that you want to see our city reach its full potential.