Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bike Lanes on I-676

Given the success of the Schuylkill River Trail as a route for bicycle commuters, the Bicycle Coalition announced plans today for bike lanes on I-676.

“After an extensive analysis of east-west routes in Center City, we found that the safest option is to add bike lanes to I-676,” said Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Alex Doty. The Streets Department, citing statistics showing the large number of bike crashes that occur at intersections, agreed that bike-car crashes would be reduced with a bike lane on the interstate.

Recent cuts to the city budget have delayed implementing the project. Therefore, the Bicycle Coalition is calling for volunteers to come out this evening, wearing clothes that can get dirty, to stripe the new bike lanes. There will also be a bake sale to raise funds for the ADA-compliant ramps to allow wheelchair access to the Vine Street Expressway.

Volunteer Opportunity
April 1, 2009
Paint Bike Lanes on I-676

From Philadelphia Bicycle News

Image - Google Streetview

In all seriousness, we need to complete the Schuylkill River Trail and create east-west bike lanes in Center City.


Anonymous said...

This has to be an April Fools joke. No chance in hell someone reasonable agrees to make this happen.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

How about just using the middle lane as the bike lane--that seems pretty safe, and we wouldn't be shunted off the the right-hand side, as usual! You could grab onto door handles in either lane for a faster tow, too!

Anonymous said...

Hey, and what about all that air pollution! Are they nuts?!!!

Unknown said...

I'm curious what the Parking Authority has to say about the newest bike lanes. While they ARE great I see way more traffic on those streets than before because they are now one lane instead of two and the PPA recently announced 'tougher' ticketing regulations for delivery trucks etc to reduce center city traffic. Maybe its a wake up call that bikes are the way to go! Just don't ride in between lanes...thats dumb, cars dont see or expect you there.