Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bicycle Helmet Helmet Cam Witnesses Crash

On Thursday BCGP Ben Franklin Bridge Access Chair Matt Anastasi was struck by a car crossing an intersection in Fairmount. His helmet cam documented the crash and you can see the shadow of the striking vehicle moving moments before Anastasi hits the ground.

CRASH! from Matthew Anastasi on Vimeo.

Fortunately Matt was not seriously hurt although his bike predictably received some serious damage.

To the best of our knowledge at this time, the driver whom Anastasi alleges had failed to yield and has not been ticketed. We sincerely hope that the Philadelphia PD (9th District) will investigate this crash with due diligence and assign fault fairly.

The BCGP website offers information information about what to do in the event of a crash.

It is very important if it is at all possible to call the Police and report the crash. In other words, if you are not seriously hurt, don't walk away.

If you are in a crash with a car, do not leave the scene without:
  • the tag number of the car
  • the names and phone numbers of any witnesses
  • driver name and contact information
  • police officer name and badge number


Anonymous said...

I hope he is OK. All the more reason to increase safety and pressure the police department to enforce the laws.