Thursday, April 02, 2009

Adopt A Rack Update - New Bike Racks At SEPTA Stations

Since October the Streets Department has been installing Bike Racks as part of the Adopt A Rack Program. Over the past 6 weeks 204 new racks that were adopted by the BCGP have been installed througout Center City and at SEPTA Bus and Rail stations throughout Philadelphia. All 1400+ racks will be installed by the fall.

As you can see the number of bike racks installed at each location is color coded (the colors for 2.500 represent 2 or 3 racks and 5.5 = 5 or 6 racks). Click on the individual markers for details about the location.


ADOPT-A-RACK said...

About 1400 racks were installed throughout the city as part of the Adopt-A-Rack program. Another 70 bicycle racks were donated to individual community groups and neighborhood/civic associations for "self install". Since the project ended in April 2009, numerous requests have been made for bike racks. With enough interest, there may be an additional project in the near future.