Friday, March 20, 2009

UPENN Share the Road Press Conference

From the University of Pennsylvania Division of Public Safety:

The “Share-the-Road” campaign will kick off next week at an event that will focus on educating both cyclists and motorists of basic safety practices and City and State laws to allow for a safe riding environment, and safety for pedestrians as well.

Penn’s “Share-the-Road” campaign will have members from the Bicycle Coalition of Philadelphia, Neighborhood Bike Works, USP, Drexel, EMS, Trophy Bikes, MERT and the Undergraduate Assembly available on site to answer questions and provide information on Tuesday, March 24 at 1:30 p.m. at the entrance of Locust Walk at 34th and Walnut Streets.

Over the past several months UPenn has been setting an example of a Bicycle Friendly Campus (perhaps the League of American Bicyclists needs a new category). Nearly 200 more bike parking spaces have been installed or upgraded (wave racks replaced by inverted U racks) and the Penn Shuttle service has put bike racks on its larger buses that cover its E and W routes.

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