Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Philadelphia's Bicycle Parking Legislation

On March 12th, Councilwoman Reynolds Brown, Councilman Kenney and Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. introduced Bill #090190 to amend Title 14 of The Philadelphia Code by adding a new Section providing for bicycle parking, under certain terms and conditions.

This bill defines several classes of bicycle parking spaces and requires bicycle parking spaces to be provided in office, retail and other commercial buildings, large multiple family units, parking lots and low-occupancy buildings that obtain a zoning permit. As an incentive for developers, bicycle parking can be installed in lieu of a percentage of motor vehicle parking spaces (5 bike parking spaces can replace one off street parking space).

This bill was prompted by the Bicycle Coalition's campaign to increase bicycle parking. The Bicycle Coalition worked with the Nutter Administration on this bill and praises Councilwoman Reynolds Brown, Kenney and Jones for introducing this measure.

The bill will be presented to the Philadelphia City Planning Commission at its April 21st meeting (1pm, 18th Floor of 1515 Arch Street). City Council is expected to hold a hearing on the bill in May.