Friday, January 30, 2009

Transportation Enhancements Missing in Senate Stimulus Bill

As reported here in an earlier post, the passed House Stimulus Bill contains 1.2 Billion allocated for "Transportation Enhancements". However the January 27th draft of the Senate Bill specifically excludes transportation enhancements, not by name but specifically including related sections of US Code Title 23 Section 133 (d). This is how it was reported in Transportation Weekly a subscription based digest of congressional transportation legislation.

40 Percent of the remaining highway money is set aside to areas within a state based on population under 23 U.S.C. 133(d)(3) and 133(d)4. The draft bill singles out those paragraphs of title 23 and does no mention 133(d)(2), so it appear that the bill does not set aside any money for transportation enhancements (bike paths, nature trails etc.), unlike the house bill which set aside over $1 Billion for those purposes.

There was a strong campaign for The House to add $3 Billion for transit funding assistance, let's hope T4 America's watchdogs advocate for the preservation of Transportation Enhancements too.


Unknown said...

I did see an employee of the SRDC clearing the stairs on the walnut st bridge on the day of the storm, which was great though.