Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sign the Petition to Support Pedicabs in Philadelphia

Hi everyone,

I am writing to ask for your help for 30 seconds. I own Chariots of
Philly, a small business in Philadelphia that provides pedicab / bike
taxi / rickshaw rides. We started in 2003 in the neighborhood of
Manayunk but when we tried serving other areas of the city, we were
ordered to "Cease Operations" by the city. This past June we were
even banned from Manayunk.

Pedicabs are an environmentally friendly, affordable means of
transportation. They make Philly a better city for residents,
business owners, and visitors. Currently, Philadelphia has no
regulation that deals with this industry.

We have been forced to stop operating until City Council passes an
Ordinance which provides this regulation. My brother Tom has been
helping me try to get this regulation passed, but we have had trouble
convincing City Council that this is an important issue - so we need
your help!

Would you please click the link below and sign the petition asking
City Council to regulate pedicabs? If they realize that there are
many others that want pedicabs in Philly, they will pay more
attention to this issue. Please e-mail me or
call me 267.307.7020 (cell) with any questions, and forward this e-
mail to everyone you know! Thank you for your help!!

Ben Dambman