Thursday, January 08, 2009

Look For Bicycle Commuter Vouchers In March

Commuter Check For Bicycling is coming!

Here is the program in a nutshell from the website:

"We offer the Commuter Check for Bicycling voucher which makes participation a breeze. Your employer will first need to choose to offer the benefit (pre-tax deduction or an employer subsidy). Once you sign up with your employer to get the benefit, take the voucher you receive to any dedicated bicycle shop or bicycle parking or storage location to redeem your value. If your purchase is greater than the amount of the voucher you have, you can use multiple vouchers or add value with another credit/debit card."

There is an contact form for the Human Resources person at your workplace:
You can also have them call 1-800-531-2828

Accor Services USA (ASUSA) has added some additional guidelines for the program.

1. The voucher will be available for customers nationwide beginning in March, exclusively through

2. The maximum value will be $20; vouchers will be valid for 13 months.

3. These vouchers will be able to be used for the purchase of bicycles,
bicycle accessories, maintenance, and storage. Bicycle accessories
include pumps, locks, racks, lights, and safety gear but does not
include clothing and food products such as energy bars.

4. The bike shop or service provider must be registered with ASUSA to accept the vouchers. The League of American Bicyclists and the National Bicycle Dealers Association are working on outreach to the shops.

For more information about the Commuter Benefit program visit the League of American Bicyclists website.


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They are also hosting a workshop: