Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bike to the Polls

There are lots of reasons besides the Presidential election to bike to the polls and vote today. Besides the obvious transportation statement decisions to build trails and stripe bike lanes are done at the county and local levels. Unlike the presidential candidates lots of local officials are running on transportation and land use issues. Taking 20 or 30 minutes to Google state and local candidate positions on transportation before going to the polls is a very good idea. Sample Search

And don't forget to study your sample ballot and ballot questions. Some towns in the PA suburbs have open space bonds which could lead to trail development and the City of Philadelphia has the consolidation of the Fairmount Park Commission and the Department of Recreation.

The League of Women Voters Smartvoter website is a one stop shop for voter information for everyone, but for Philadelphia voters the Committee of Seventy website provides the comprehensive source of voting information.

And finally - post your bike or bikes parked at a polling station to the Bike to the Polls Flickr Group


Anonymous said...

So is the dissolution of Fairmount Park Commission a "good thing" or a "bad thing" from the point of view of trails and bicycling? I understand the city has promised more budget to the combined recreation department, at least in the short term, but I worry dissolution could allow park real estate to be sold - say for $1 to the milton street figure of the next administration - which is why I am, in the end, against this proposal.