Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bicycling Doubles Since 2005 - Triples since 1990

The BCGP will soon be releasing a report showing the phenomenal growth of bicycling in Central and West Philadelphia.

Bicycling has increased at a startling rate since 2005. Between 2005 and 2008, bicycling doubled at counted locations (including all Schuylkill bridges and two intersections). Bicycling increased 104%. Prior to 2005, bicycling was increasing at a slower pace, roughly 6.5% a year, and it took fifteen years for bicycling to increase 98% between 1990 and 2005. Since 1990, bicycling in Philadelphia has increased 300 percent.

The report concurs with recent findings in New York City where screenline counts on the East River Bridges is up 35% over 2007 and you may remember our Gas Free Fridays press release that show that this is a trend in many major cities.

Look for our official bike count report in the coming weeks.


You can't have my name said...

I rode my bike for transport out in Phoenixville PA for years, but the city has been a whole different world.

I never thought I'd get stuck in a bike traffic line, like I would every morning on the South street Bridge. Properly passing other bicycles has been a skill I had to learn quickly.

I still hope more people take to the streets on two wheels though!

Anonymous said...

I am a dedicated cyclist but when I have to drive in center city I am quite concerned with the absolute disregard a number of cyclists have for traffic laws. I am not talking about going thru intersections against red lights but cycling the wrong way on streets. don't these folks realize that they are not visible nor expected when they cycle like this. Are there not bicycle safety programs to help with this.

You can't have my name said...

Programs exist, like the ones funded by Neighborhood Bicycle Works in the city. All you can do is give people the option though, they can't be regulated to attend classes.

Wrong-way cycling seems like a good idea at first to the novice bicyclist, but it just takes confidence building and traffic experience to realize it's inherent danger. Unfourtunatley, many people never seem to reach that point. It is a problem.

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