Sunday, October 12, 2008

Please Touch Museum Needs Better Bike and Transit Access

The Please Touch Museum in Memorial Hall opens up a largely underused part of Fairmount Park, known as the Centennial District as it was the site of the 1876 Worlds Fair.

But it's location deep inside Fairmount Park makes it a real challenge for those who are not driving there. Even the Transit Directions on the Please Touch Website hints at the difficulty connecting between SEPTA Regional Rail and bus service.

By bicycle the trip should be easy, since the district is only a short uphill ride from Martin Luther King Drive and it's river path. Unfortunately the highway design of MLK intersection with Sweet Briar Drive makes it a challenge and I am afraid few bicyclists will have the gumption to bring their children along to visit the museum.

And that's too bad, MLK's paved path and it's limited weekend road closures suffer from
"there's no there there". A safe and signed connection from a traffic free MLK to Fairmount Parks westside would make a great family bicycling destination.


Anonymous said...

Why Sweetbriar? Isn't the road between Montgomery and Sweetbriar closed to traffic all the way up to the Civil War memorial and 2 blocks away from Memorial Hall when MLK is closed? It has the benefit over Sweetbriar that it is closed through 5 PM on weekends, rather than just to noon.

Google Maps calls it Black Road, I don't know if I knew that...