Monday, October 20, 2008

PennDOT Shuffles Bike Ped Coordinator Position

While Philadelphia has hired its first full time Bike Ped Coordinator, PennDOT's Bike Ped Program appears to be in transition. Dave Bachman has been reassigned and the Bicycle Pedestrian Position has been moved to Bureau of Design.

The support for Bicycle Pedestrian program has been slowly eroding over the past few years. At one time Mr. Bachman had an assistant Patti Marshall, meanwhile it has been rumored that some rural district coordinators are only devoting a few hours a year to bike ped issues. Matt Bochanski who retired two years ago as the District 6 Coordinator (our region) once devoted up to 40% of his time to bike-ped issues but we have had very little interaction with current coordinator Steve Dunlap, who told us that his bicycle pedestrian hours will be curtailed.

Perhaps most disturbing development is that this important position is now vacant, we sincerely hope that PENNDOT names an interim State Bike Ped Coordinator immediately. We remain optimistic that the reshuffling along with the miserable ranking from the Bicycle Friendly States evaluation will spur much needed reform in the PENNDOT program.


Dr. Phila said... did you find out about this?