Friday, August 22, 2008

Chester County's Tar and Chip on Its Shoulders

Cyclists in Chester County are fuming over the tar and chip or chip seal paving on rural roads. As one angry cyclist stated "PennDot is on a rampage of tar and chipping that has rendered many, many of the beautiful little roads beloved by cyclists into rough and dangerous gravel-strewn messes."

Three years ago there was a gentleman's agreement between the Bicycle Coalition and PennDOT. The agreement stated that :

(1) cyclists would be told about planned Tar and Chip
(2) they would roll and sweep soon after the actual tar and chip, so the roads would be usable again by bicyclists
(3) they would use smaller rocks for the chip.

But gentlemen change jobs and forget about agreements. Perhaps we should have got it in writing.


Libby Maxim said...

so what is the next step, why is tar and chip used in Chester County and is it used in other counties as much as it is here???

do Montgomery , Delaware and Bucks counties use tar and chip??

Libby Maxim

Anonymous said...

does anyone want to start a fight with PennDot? Is there a concerted, consolidated effort to undo this mess? If not, I'd love to spearhead it.
They've ruined our roads, put us at risk, and sadly, spending millions on little dinky bridges (like the one on Green Valley Rd).
write me: