Friday, August 29, 2008

A Car(bon)-Free Labor Day Picnic Idea

Are you staying in town this Labor Day weekend? Why not try a car-free picnic in Fairmount Park?

Last Memorial Day I hosted a Sunday BBQ on MLK Drive in Fairmount Park. I loved the idea of hosting a quiet picnic by the river without the noise of speeding traffic. The problem I had to solve was how to transport the BBQ supplies to our riverside perch without vehicular access. Sure, it's possible to access MLK Drive parking areas with a car on weekends, but I didn't want to be that guy who shattered the calm mix of walkers, joggers and bikers with two tons of steel and flashing hazard lights. The solution was obvious... rent a Bakfiets, of course!

Made in the Netherlands, Bakfiets literally translates to "Barge Bike" and it holds all the beer, brats and buns you could need. With seatbelts for two children and enough room for the all of the team equipment, the Bakfiets is the SUV of choice for Dutch soccer moms. In fact, the Bakfiets is commonly used for transporting children, groceries and other daily necessities in the Low Countries. While it may look like the bicycle equivalent of a Chevy Suburban, it actually handles like a Cadillac once you get rolling. The long wheel base and sturdy, puncture-resistant tires ensure a smooth ride. The low center of gravity eliminates the wobble that you would expect from a two-wheeled cargo bike.

Our Memorial Day BBQ went off without a hitch and we packed out what we packed in - all thanks to the Bakfiets. I'd highly recommend it as a great way to celebrate a car(bon)-free Labor Day! (Well, except for the charcoal...)

Have a great holiday weekend!

P.S. My girlfriend says we can't buy a Bakfiets because we don't have a place to park it. PhillyBakfietsShare, anyone?

***The Bakfiets can be rented at Trophy Bikes (call ahead to reserve).