Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Americans Want to Flip Transportation Spending

Did you know that the federal government spends roughly 80% of its transportation dollars on roads and only 20% on public transportation? Only 23% of Americans think that makes sense. A recent poll found that given a hypothetical $100 to invest in transportation, Americans said they would spend $62 on trains and rail, buses, bike paths, and sidewalks, and only $38 on roads. (Source: Harris Interactive poll [+/- 3 pts]). In other words, Americans want to spend 63% of transportation dollars on bicycling, walking and public transportation, nearly tripling the 22% now spent. They also want to spend 38% on roads, nearly half of the 78% that is currently spent. A coalition of transportation, housing and public interest organizations commissioned the poll in late 2007. The results are impressive.


Unknown said...

hey, where is the link? Is it still valid 7 months later?