Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tips For Locking Your Bicycle

1. Use a flat key U-Lock to secure the frame and rear wheel to the rack or other fixed object.
2. Use a cable lock to secure the front wheel.
3. Alternatively you can use a U-Lock with a cable loop.
4. Two different types of locks require different tools to defeat and therefore make it a smaller target.


AU said...

No need to put a lock on both the rear wheel and frame. If you put the u-lock around the rear wheel, then it would be enough. No one would be able to separate the wheel from the frame.

Todd said...

"No need to put a lock on both the rear wheel and frame"

AU, please never do that. All a thief would have to do is remove the rear wheel by unscrewing the bolt. I see lonely wheels securely bolted to parking meters almost as often as I see bikes missing one or both wheels. After the frame, the rear wheel is the most valuable part of your bike. The front wheel is also worth enough to make it worth stealing though.

I wish that this diagram included locking the seat. Most seats on newer bikes are quick release and a popular random theft target. Even w/o a quick release, most multi-tools would be enough to grab your seat.