Sunday, July 20, 2008

Man Bites Dog - Bicyclist Struck from Behind Loses License

The local news has been reporting for a couple of days now of the DUI conviction of a Delaware County bicyclist named Evan Burke, whom according to one report was struck last year while waiting to cross the street in the center median, like a pedestrian. Another report stated that Burke was weaving in and out of the center "safety zone" on East Wynnewood Rd.

A judge ruled to surrender his PA Drivers License for 18 months because he was bicycling under the influence.

No doubt that this guy was soused, a prosecutor is quoted as saying "Burke's blood-alcohol level measured 0.155 — about twice the legal limit — and that he sported dark clothing on the rainy night."


I realize it's OK to wear white before Labor Day, but the prosecuter must have read about bicycle safety on a cereal box in the 1970's. Last time I checked there is nothing in the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes about the color of clothing. I am surprised that he didn't say "and he wasn't wearing a helmet either".

One thing is for sure, East Wynnewood Rd. needs to be put on a "road diet" (reducing the number of lanes from 4 to 3 with bike lanes).

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I did see a silver lining in this story, that the press actually acknowledged that bicycles are vehicles.