Monday, July 21, 2008

Another Conservative Pans Bicycles

Another negative comment by a conservative on the bicycle movement.

NY Times David Brooks wrote today about John McCain and his energy policy "The high point of his campaign, so far, has been his energy policy, which is comprehensive and bold, but does not try to turn us into a nation of bicyclists. It does not view America's energy-intense economy as a sign of sinfulness..."

David Brooks is hardly the inflammatory type but it is just one of series of statements by conservative columnists, pundits and some elected officials that for some reason tag bicycling as a liberal issue.

We at the Bicycle Coalition consider ourselves "bike-partisan" in fact our membership data indicates that about 50% of our members who registered to vote are Republican.
In Washington the
Congessional Bike Caucuses were established and are led by Republican and Democratic Members of Congress.


Anonymous said...

The commuting cyclist -is- "hardworking, thrifty, rigorous and righteous", the Roosevelt ideal. The typically American ignorance of how much energy they use is anything but thrifty. David's reasoning at best lacks consistency, and that should be pointed out to him, clearly and repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

First there were communists, then islamic terrorists. Now, america faces her greatest threath: BICYCLISTS!