Wednesday, July 02, 2008

12 YO Struck by Automobile - The Internet Trolls Spew More Vermin

A 12 Year Old suffered head injuries after being struck by a car in bicycle unfriendly Bensalem Township. According to the newspaper article the motorist claimed that he tried to pass when the cyclist veered left into the path of the car. It is unclear if the motorist was passing at a safe distance. View Larger Map As usual the comments section of bicycle crash stories are always filled with blame the victim comments. I wonder if these trolls would react the same if it was there own kid. They should do us all a favor and log off, maybe pay attention to their own kids.


Anonymous said...

You should read the nasty thing people are saying about the two Mexican men who were killed by a reckless, speeding (68 in a 25), fleeing the cops and probably drunk 19yo in Northern New Jersey.

People are actually glad these two innocent men are dead and have nothing but praise for the homicidal drive!