Saturday, June 28, 2008

Street Department Upgrades It's Street Repair Web Pages

As the city moves towards a 311 phone system the Streets Department has added more online reporting options for repairing roads. The new website now enables people to report more problems
  • Potholes/Street Defects - Potholes plus other general hazards (broken pavement, debris)
  • Pavement Markings - Faded bike lane markings, contractors paving not restoring bike lane markings
  • Signs - Missing or damaged bike lane, share the road signs
  • Sewer Inlets/Flooding (instructs people to contact the Water Department 215-685-6300) - Wheel grabber or debris filled sewer inlet
  • Utility Covers (Manholes) - Steel plate hazards, dangerous manholes
Of course it remains to be seen if reporting the problems actually yield results, however notifying through this system does give ample notice which has legal implications should a crash result from deferring maintenance.


Peter said...

need a little work on the UI (i.e. no underlines for things which are not hyperlinks), but a step in the right direction!


Anonymous said...

Also, the website (and the Streets Dept website as a whole) looks pretty unprofessional. While I understand that this particular section may just be getting started, there is certainly no excuse for why the Streets Dept website looks the way it does.

I continue to wonder if the Streets Dept actually cares about bicyclists and pedestrians.

Anonymous said...

That last comment was supposed to go after this:

I reported 5 things (concerning bicycle and pedestrian safety) on that website almost 2 weeks ago (June 18) and have still gotten no response.

Anonymous said...

Regarding what I said about bicyclists and pedestrians:

Notice how the Streets Dept website has no information for pedestrians, and very little information for bicyclists (including an extremely outdated, and in some places incorrect "new" map of the bike network).

Compare this to the website of the NYC Department of Transportation. It has a nice, neat, professional appearance (instead of the jumbled-up look of the Philly SD website). It has an entire section devoted to pedestrians and sidewalks, which details all the projects that DOT is engaged in to improve conditions for pedestrians, and improve the quality of the public environment. There is also another whole section devoted to bicyclists, which describes all of DOT's innovative bike projects, explains how to use bikes on transit, tells about bike parking initiatives, and even has (yes) an up-to-date map of the bike network (which also shows future bike routes).

Of course, it helps that DOT is actually doing things to improve conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians....

I understand that the people at the Philadelphia Streets Department are working hard and everything. But I just... sometimes wish they would actually show that they care about us (pedestrians and bikers), and not just cars.