Monday, June 02, 2008

Key Bike Ped Planner Leaves DVRPC

DVRPC Senior Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs Manager John Madera has stepped down.

Mr. Madera is a BCGP member and volunteer, at DVRPC he authored the Regional Bicycle Travel Survey and helped establish PENNDOT 6-0's bike lane striping with resurfacing projects (a process hindered by the BOP). His bikeability analysis of all the state roads in SE Pa provided the base for the Regional Bike Map. John is a member of the Transportation Research Board Bicycle Transportation Committee and is a League Cycling Instructor.

We expect that John will to continue to be active with the BCGP and wish him well on future endeavors.


Dr. Phila said...

i wonder if he is taking the city of Philly bike/ped position. Any word on who was hired for that position yet?