Saturday, May 10, 2008

Philly Walk Ride Share Blogs One Week In

The participants of the PhillyCarShare WalkRideShare challenge have submitted blog entries for the first week, and while no one seems to be stumbling too much it does seem that those who have included bicycling in there car-fee mix are having an easier time adjusting.

Myriah writes in her blog - I’ve determined that driving, finding parking, and then walking the hike from my car to my office takes about 25 minutes. The Girard trolley to the Broad Street subway takes about 20 minutes and biking takes even a few minutes less (although I have to change my clothes when I get to work)… not bad!

Leah Opens her Journal with - I've spent quite a while thinking that having a car on a Saturday night in downtown Phily is a status symbol. But, I'm realizing that little beats a bike downtown for cheapness and convenience.

Looking at a few entries that were negative it appears that a little orientation might go a long way,
Dennis writes -
I took my bike on the El, and I found that getting out of the subway
with a bike can be a challenge! I managed to almost get stuck in
one of those floor-to-ceiling turnstiles ( I stood the bike up,
reached through the bars and pushed the bike from the next spot in
the turnstile). There must be a better way to get out of the
subway. I'll have to find the handicap exits at the transit stations.

Perhaps next year we'll work with PCS to convey some urban bicycling basics to the participants.


Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that most of the people doing the challenge are women (all rather good looking BTW).
I guess there aren't to many guys willing to give up their ego extensions.

Unknown said...

I agree that a car may be a status symbol in philly, but it all depends upon who your friends are. In my scene having a car is a bit of an embarrassment and I feel like a superhero for riding a bike.

Then again, I feel like a superhero off my bike, too. Perhaps the correlation is not as big as I think?